Give up your need to take care of us.

Dear you,

I wish I could make you take a chance at a new life and just give up your dream that has not been working out. I want to scream at you sometimes and tell you that you need to take care of us, but you just don't listen too well. Why don't you see that it is hurting us to keep this thing going. We aren't going to make it. We will lose everything. I am writing this because I love you and I love us. You will have another chance in the future. For now we need to be responsible. We need to see that this is just not the right time. We are just going through the motions to keep it alive but that is not going to be able to continue much longer. Don't you want to keep the house and our cars. Don't you want to see me not so stressed out every freaking day of my life. Don't you want to get ride of your partner in which we both hate. Do you realize we would never have to talk to him again if you would just sell.

I want to sleep again. It is five in the morning and this is what I am doing. Writing a letter to you that you will never be able to read. I will never send this to you because I love you too much and I will continue to support this dream of yours. I will continue to be stressed out on a daily basis trying to figure out which bill to pay this month. I will continue to worry if the guy walking up to the front door is here to turn off the gas or electric. I will continue to not answer my phone fearing it is another bill collector. I will continue to cry a lot during the day.

Please start thinking about us. Please start realizing this is not going to work. I will still love you no matter what does happen. I just want to be able to love you in this house we bought together.

I love you.




  1. want to wish the writer good luck that everything turn to good and much strength, this is such a moving and nice letter - full of love...

  2. Woa. Good luck.

    I will be writing a letter soon & sending it. I need to things to be at least written somewhere.

    I gave you the Honest Scrap award over at my blog. I think this blog of yours deserves this award.