Special Weekend Update

Thank you so much for a week of exciting and meaningful posts. I'm getting a lot of positive feedback and support for this project.

The thing I still need is more letters.

I know there a couple more on the way, but I currently and empty handed. I want to be able to keep posting and sharing with you all. Please, if you have an unwritten letter in your heart that you might benefit from sending...share it with Addressed to Anonymous.

And another thing ... (how's that for infomercial writing?!?!)

If you read a letter that moves you or you feel like responding to any of the posts, there are two ways to do so.

The first is to reply directly into the comment box. All comments are welcome and encouraged.

The second is to send me your own postmarked letter. Just reference the title of the post somewhere on the letter.

It could be on the top as just a reference or in the saluation, "Dear, I miss you...it kills me".

Thank you so much for this great beginning. It means so much to me...and many of our readers!

Have a nice weekend.
Cross your fingers for a nice letter delivery over the weekend so that I have a letter to share come Monday.

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