The grass is never greener.

Dear Cruel Girl,

Your cruel intentions can’t hide behind that smile. Your “innocent act never had me fooled. It’s people like you that can make the world a miserable place. I try and find the good in everyone. Before you came along I actually believe this good existed, you just had to be patient enough to find it. You have no good. You are no good. I didn’t waste my time looking for it either, because it’s written all over your face. It’s most evident in your eyes. All that mascara and eye shadow only draw more attention to those two cold circles.

You’re just that girl that enjoys getting what she wants and loves going to any length to get it. You see a weak spot and use it to your advantage, it becomes part of your ploy. Now I could go on and on describing your lack of class and attention craving ways, but we all know a girl like you. You’re not original. You’re just a stereotype.

So with that said, your future is as predictable as your trendy clothes. You’ll keep seeking out the “unavailable”, and you’ll most likely win them over.

Congratulations! But, you poor cruel girl what you are too proud to see is no one will ever pick you first. You have no substance worth falling for. You only offer a glimpse of excitement to someone in an already failing relationship. Basically, you’re a convenient way out. A reason to end something that already needed ending.

So, before you place another gold star on your chart, remember those stars actually loved someone. And when they lay with you in silence, it’s that love they can’t forget. Because after being in your arms cruel girl, a lesson is always learned…the grass is never greener.

<3 the one that got away. ☺

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